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English Conjunction 日本語接続詞

接続詞 conjunction意味 meaning用法 usageromaji
after all結局、そもそも、 何と言ってもAfter all he is a boy.kekkyoku, somosomo,nantoittemo
albeitたとえ〜でも, にもかかわらず She talked to me, albeit briefly.
She smiled, albeit nervously.
tato e~demo
all the sameやはりAll the same, he betrayed us.yahari
although~けれどもAlthough she tried to find him, she never found him.keredomo
anywayいずれにしても、とにかく、ともかくAny way, you need to go.izerenishitemo, tonikaku, tomokaku
as a matter of fact事実As a matter of fact, she called me.jijitu
as a resultその結果As a result, she loved him.sonokekka
as far asの限りAs far as I know, she never saw him again.~kagiri
as forについて言えばAs for his study, he completed it.~nitsuite ieba
as if
as though
まるで、~かのようにAs if she loved him, she made love to him.marude ~kanoyouni
as it turned out後で明らかになったのだがAs it turned out, he was alive.atode akirakani natta nodaga
as it were まるで~のようなThey went traveling together, as it were, they were in love.marude ~kanoyouni
as regardingについてはAs regarding his health, it stayed good.nitsuiteha
at any rateとにかく、 いずれにしてもHe didn't do well, at any rate.tonikaku, izurenishitemo
at the same time同時に、でもやはりAt the same time, he was in love with another girl.doujini, demoyahari
because~であるからNo one likes her because she is a stuck up.dearukara
besidesその上He is handsome besides he is rich.1sonoue
beside the point無関係Whatever has done is beside the pont.mukannkei
but for~がなかったらBut for his assistance, she could not finish the task.~nakattara
but thenその反面But then the number of visitors have increased ten hold.sono hanmen
by and large全体的みてBy and large, Japan is peaaceful country.zenntai teki ni mite
by the same token同じ理由で、 さらにBy the same token it is difficult to rapidly increase the number of visitors.onaji riyude
by the wayところでBy the way, how is the Japanese lesson for foriegners?tokorode
a case in point適齢Let consider the lesson for inn workers as a case in point.tekirei
certainly確かにCertainly, the winter in Japan is cold.tashikani
if it comes to thatそのことに関して言えばIf ti comes to that, he can offer no assistance.sonokoto ni kanshite ieba
conversely逆にNow here in nowhere. Conversely, nowhere is now here.gyakuni
(to)cut a long stroy short手短に言うとCut a long story short, they don't want to think.temijika ni iuto
despiteにもかかわらずDepite he was tire, he offered as much assistance as he could.nimo kakawarazu
even if
even though
例えそうであってもI'll go even if he doesn't.
I'll forgive him even though he offers no apology.
tatoe soude attemo
even so例えそうでもEven so, he insisted to go by himself.tatoe soudemo
even thenそれでもEven then, visitors didn't take up the conversation.soredemo
firstly第一にFirstly, they were not interested in larning.dai ichini
for all thatそれにもかかわらずFor all that, the number of visitors remained low for first two years.sorenimo kakawarazu
howeverしかしながらHowever, she can't leave him.sikashi nagara
ifもし~ならCall me if you got free.もし~なら
if notとにかく、 いずれにしてもHe didn't do well, if not.tonikaku, izurenishitemo
if you likeよろしかったらWould you go out with me if you like?yoroshi kattara
in a manner of speakingいわばIn a manner of speaking, he is a fish out of water.iwaba
in a nutshell簡素に言えばIt is, in a ntshell, love at first sight.kansonieba
in any caseどのみち・・ないIn any case, he does not return her call.donomichi nai
in any eventいぜれにせよIn any event, he will not return her call.izureni seyo
in case万一in case he worked on the computer, the next step can be assigned.
In case I forget, please remind me of it
incidentallyついでながらIncidentally, he corrected typographical errors.tsuidenagara
in consequenseその結果He lost his opprtunity to learn computer in consequence.sono kekka
in fact事実In fact, he returned her call.jijitu
in order that~するためにShe left office earlier in order that she meets her boyfriend.~suru tame ni
in other words言い換えるとIn other words, he didn't care for her.ii kaeruto
in short要約するとIn short, he only cared for her wealth.youyaku suru to
in spite ofにもかかわらずin spite of his fear, he made the call.nimo kakawarazu
in that caseその場合にはIn that case, she can forgive him.sono baai niha
in the event 結局は、実際にはIn the event, he married her.kekkyoku ha
it goes without saying~言うまでもないIt goes without saying that she left him.iu mademonai
just as well~なのはむしろ好都合だJust as well, he didn't make the reservation.nano ha mushiro koutsugou da
let alone言うまでもなく、ましてや~でないI couldn't ask her out, let alone kiss her.iumademonaku
moreoverその上She paid, moreover, for the dinner.sonoue
more to the pointさらに重要なことはMore to the point is she liked him.sarani juuyouna koto ha
naturally 当然Naturally, she moved into his place.touzenn
needless to say言うまでもなくNeedless to say, they broke up.iu mademo naku
neverthelessそれにもかかわらず Nevertheless, she went out with him.sorenimo kakawarazu
never mind気にするなNever mind that she turned you down once.kini suruna
NowさてとNow, you better start looking for new girlfriend.sateto
obviously明らかにObviously you need to work on her.akirakani
of courseもちろんOf course, she went after him.mochiron
on the contraryそれとは反対にOn the contrary, she kissed him.sore toha hanntai ni
on the other hand他方On the other hand, He is afraid of the commitment he has to make.tahou
on the whole全体的に見てOn the whole, their relationship is moving forward.zenntaiteki mite
or soおよそFor two or three dates, he hid his ulterior motive.oyoso
otherwiseそうでないとOtherwise, you better go to his place.soude nai to
ratherむしろHe is courageous, rather、he is reckless.mushiro
would ~rather than~よりは、むしろI'd make love rather than fighting.~yori ha mushiro
to say nothing of言うまでもなくShe gives him presents, and hugs, to say nothing of calling everyday.iu made mo naku
to say the least控えめに言ってもShe is beautiful, to say the least.hikae me ni itte mo
since~なのでShe canceled the date with him since she didn't feel well..~nano de
somehowどういう訳かShe somehow got him back.dou iu wake ka
so much for~ついてはこれで終わりにするShe cheated on him - so much for her faidelity.korede owari ni suru
so that~する為にYou better call her so that you can go to movie with her.iwaba
so to speakいわばShe is a grown-up elementary kid, so to speak.iwaba
so whatそれがどうしたのSo what?
summing up要約すればSumming up, she is the best girl you should go after.you yaku sure ba
supposeもし~ならばSuppose she loves you, would you marry her?moshi naraba
surelyかならずSurely you can ask her out.kanarazu
tell you whatいい考えがあるI tell you what you should invite her to your birthday.iikanngae ga aru
thanks toのおかげでThanks to youy introduction, I made out with her.no okagede
that isすなわちThat is, you shoud stay out of her.sunawachi
thenそうするとWhy then didn't you call me?sousuru to
thereforeだからThefore you owe her an apology.dakara
thoughだがThough she is a beauty, she isn't smart.daga
thusそれゆえにThus she left him.それゆえに
unlessもし…でなければYou will never catch her unless you ask her out.moshi~de nakereba
whether~かどうかI don't know whether she'd go out with you.~kadouka
while~のあいだHe kept hugging her while they slept.~aida
yetけれどもYet she married him.keredomo
you meanというとYou mean she doesn't like men.toiu to
you seeご存知のようにHe loves, you see, beautiful women.gozonnji no youni

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